Becoming Someone with Favorites: Dream Interior

Okay, this will be the last of the dream home stuff for a while.  I just gotta say how in love with the cottage look I am.  I love the yellow wall with the white molding, gorgeous.  Throw in a stained glass window and the top of the stairs, and we are set here.  P.S. Can you name this movie?  It's one of the greatest of all time.

Lovin on the brightly-contrasted walls-heck yes this is Parent Trap
Built-in by the window!  Imagine it in the winter, watching the snow fall, drinking hot chocolate, reading Walden, bliss.
I feel like I would need to wear a floor-length gown to walk through this hallway in Diane Keaton's house.  It's gorgeous, right?
Tuohy house 1
Have I mentioned that crown molding makes me happy (Blind Side house)?  (All photos from  Does anyone have any good Valentine's Day plans?  Our anniversary is on the 15th (3 years!), so it's two days of awesome for us...except it's on a Monday and Tuesday which makes things difficult.  Any good ideas you wanna share?  Getting something for a man on V-Day/Anniv is always a trick.


  1. LOVE the Father of the Bride house and Matt and I BOTH love that movie... both of those movies.

  2. I always just get my hubby something he's mentioned he wanted around those present giving things. His birthday, Christmas, our anniversary, and valentines day is all within 4ish months from each other!


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