about the blog

My mom always used to say, "Before you become somebody's wife and before you become somebody's mother, become somebody."  I'm a wife, but I'm not yet a mother, and this is my attempt to become someone.

This blog has four goals:
1. Try new things.
2. Pick a favorite: Color, egg, book, flower, and cheese
3. Overcome my fears (There are many)
4. Most importantly: Become someone

How It Works: I pick something new I want to try, do everything I can to become good at it, and show you how you can do it, too. In the end, I might get good, or I might epically fail, but it's better to try, right?

The thing is, I used to think I didn't like a lot of things (Camping, fishing, etc.), but then I tried it, and I really liked it.  It made me wonder what else I haven't tried, and this blog is my attempt to try it all.

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