Becoming Someone

Sam is an amazing friend of mine. We met the summer I came home from college and became fast friends. You can't help but love her. She's so incredibly positive and a blast to be around. Ever heard of glow stick tag? Ever done it in a cave? I wouldn't have either if it weren't for her.

Sara, Andrea, Sam, & I the night of our caving adventures

Sam and her sister Sara have cystic fibrosis. There is currently no cure, but on June 2, a cystic fibrosis walk is being held in Boise. You can find more information about walks in your area and how to donate here. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Julz... Are you coming up for the walk? My family and I joined Sam's team. It would be so fun to have you there as well! FB me and let me know and we can get together after the walk for lunch or something!


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