Becoming a Reader: I'm Clubbin...Book Clubbin That Is

Life after college is a funny thing.  Your whole life you're preparing for things-working your trash off to get the grades/scholarship/portfolio so you can get into the school/program that you want, then you work your trash off to build your resume to get the job you want.  Then you get that job you want, and you work 8-4, and you come home and don't have homework or random clubs and activities to build your resume, and you think, "I have 8 hours to do whatever I want!"  And you go, "What do I want?"  I can finally go to events without worrying about the homework I should be doing.  I can even volunteer to bring food to such events.  I can meet my neighbors and make cookies.  I can do home improvement projects.  I can be a weekend warrior.  I've never ever had time like this in my life!  IT'S AMAZING!  I didn't used to get home until 7 and then the homework fest would begin (After I made/ate/cleaned up dinner, cleaned the house, did the laundry, etc.) Now cooking isn't such a pain!  I have time to do it and enjoy it!  I even joined the book club last night!  I've never done anything so fluffy in my life!  It has always been about productivity and multitasking.  Now I'm reading things I want to read, not just because they're assigned!  Of course, I've yet to literally sit down and relax (Landon gave me a book called It's Okay to Take a Nap-but who has time to read something like that?), but that's what's so fun!  I'm now running around doing fun things!  My life is posh.


  1. Oh Julie - book clubs aren't fluffy! It's just a different use of time, but still accomplishing something. :-)

    I'm a huge reader, so I'm sure I can recommend tons of things for you to read.

  2. Please do! I am in serious need of recommendations!


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