Becoming Someone: Picking Favorites of the big goals of this blog is to pick some favorites, in particular, a favorite: Color, egg, book, flower, and cheese.  Harry Potter filled the void and has become my favorite book, so it's time for the next challenge!

The time has come to pick a favorite color, but how?  Growing up I always thought my favorite color was blue.  Then I got to high school and decided it was red, but now I think I'm bored with red.  What's a girl to do?  Here's the dilemma:

-Always the color of my toes
-Was a wedding color
-Used to be the main color in my kitchen and bathroom

-Now the color of my kitchen (Along with orange) and my bathroom...and my couch!
-Color of my blog
-Background of my phone

-I've been told it is my 'signature color,'  because I wear it in some form almost daily
-Also a wedding color

North Carolina Blue: 
-Color of my favorite gym shorts
-So calming
-Color of my bedroom now and while growing up

So I need help.  Is your favorite color the one you wear the most, the one you used at your wedding, the one you decorate with most, or the one you surround yourself with when you go to bed?  What's your favorite color and why?  I need some serious help here.


  1. Julie! This blog is cute. And, favorite colors are your favorite because of the feelings and memories they invoke. For instance, my favorite color is green, not because I love wearing it, decorating with it, or any of that. Green is my favorite color because I love nature! Green trees, green grass, green leaves. It's beautiful to me. It reminds me of the outdoors and the memories I've had in the outdoors and always brings a smile to my face.

  2. I don't have a fav color mostly so that I don't make the other colors jealous... but if I did it would be Rob... he's just so amazing. And I love all the colors that make him... so yes Rob is a new color and it's my fav!


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