Becoming Bear: (Grylls That Is)

For Landon Paul's birthday, we went campin and fishin (Not camping and fishing :)) on the gorgeous lake shown below.
Before I met Landon Paul, I had never been camping or fishing...or held a gun.  Growing up, my sisters and I used to setup the tent in the backyard with an extension cord and TV and watch chick flicks, but that was as far as my mountain woman ways went.  Landon Paul loves all things outdoors, and thankfully, I've discovered, I really like it, too!

(I also didn't know who Bear Grylls was, but now I know it's the man my man wants to be like-the guy is INSANE!)

Man vs Wild: Season Three

Convincing me that I like the outdoors was no small task for Landon Paul, but men, you can convince your lady friend that she likes it, too.  If you want your female friend to do outdoorsy things with you, do what Landon Paul does.

1. Never ever make your lady friend touch a fish.
2. Never ever make your lady friend kiss a fish.
3. Never ever make your lady friend start a fire.
4. Never ever make your lady friend feel like camping is work.  (Yes, you'll have to do most of it).
5. Tell your lady friend that camping is a couple's getaway for much less $$ than a legit vaca.
6. Say things like, "You would LOVE this lake!"
7. Pack the car.
8. Count camping trips as vacations.
9. Make special traditions on your outdoors adventures.  Landon Paul and I always get a candy (I get Fun Dip; he gets Twizzlers) for the road and go to the same small town drive-in on our way out.
10. Tell her often how big the fish is that she caught.  (She doesn't do the outdoors.  She won't know you're lyin!)
11. Have fun!  I'm always surprised, but I really do enjoy it!

I caught 4 fish, and I'm going to attempt to cook them tomorrow night-Any tips?  This will definitely be my first time!

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