Becoming a Decorator: Our Room

When we moved in, I was determined to get our bedroom finished first.  It was fine that the places people saw were covered in boxes.  I wanted a calm, relaxing room to break from the unpacking.
This room is so soothing to me.  I love the calm browns and blues.  I'm a clean lines, no frill type, and I really like that about this room.  If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, you'll notice the bedspread is the same as the one Lorelai has when Luke and her are engaged.  It was a gift from my parents, and none of us planned it, but isn't that AWESOME???
The white lamps are from an antique store and the bodices are from an estate sale and are perfect for holding my extra necklaces.  (Almost all of the furniture in our apartment is used and comes from garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, kind friends/family, etc).  What looks like a small dresser on the left is actually for my jewelry.  Landon Paul built it from scratch and gave it to me for Christmas last year.  It's BEAUTIFUL and MASSIVE and completely took my breath away when he gave it to me.
Landon Paul's mom sewed this quilt for us.  It's one of the cutest quilts I've ever seen, and it goes perfect in our room.
You'll recognize the dressers from my DIY post.  We stained these babies ourselves and love the result.  There's also a little waterfall on our dresser that sounds wonderful as we fall asleep.
My college grad picture, TV for late-night movie marathons (Usually LOST), and a picture we got from Venice that's just beautiful.  I love seeing it right before I fall asleep.

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