Becoming All Ready for Christmas: Believe

Last night I made these blocks.  I just love how it turned out and was surprised at how easy it was!  (Good call, Rachel, on choosing believe). 
It didn't even take long.  I started and finished it last night!  (A few episodes of Gilmore Girls and Modern Family, and they were done)!  All you need is: Craft paint, wood, sandpaper, scrapbooking paper, and vinyl lettering. 
I'm about to say something I never ever thought I'd say before: Crafts are fun.  WHO KNEW?  I'm forcing myself to try things I've never done before (Don't laugh, but most of the things on this blog I've never tried before), and it's a blast.  I love coming home from work each day and wondering what fun thing I'll try.  Any other ideas of things to do?  Making Christmas decor is super fun. *Also, I had a question about how I made the Santa hats.  It was just styrofoam, spray mount, felt, and pillow stuffing.  Have fun!*


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