Becoming a Reader: Emma

Emma (Enriched Classics Series)So the beginning was interesting, and the end had great twists, but the middle-blah.  It was about 500 pages, but if it had been 300, you could have told the same story without it dragging in the middle so much.  Yikes, I can’t believe I just said that about a Jane Austen.  I love her stuff, but it wasn’t her best.  Maybe that was the problem.  I always have such high expectations for Jane Austen books.  I set myself up to be disappointed.  Bummer-but exciting that I can move onto my book club book: The Faith Club.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  Ours was awesome.  We went to Swiss Days, went boating/4-wheeling, worked on random projects around the house, and watched football (Of course).  Epic fail, no pictures.  My bad.  I saw Eat Pray Love with Andrea, and Landon did some homework.  It was grand.  

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