Becoming a Cake Decorator: Lessons Learned

In last week’s cake decorating class, I learned some very important things...from unfortunate experience.

1: DO NOT GET EGG YOLK IN YOUR ROYAL ICING.  The tiniest amount will make the icing that should be thick ridiculously runny.
2. Royal Icing is very thick and dries quickly.  It can and probably will dry in your icing bag.
3. When you get frustrated with your royal icing (and you will), be careful not to squeeze too hard.  Your tube will explode. 
4. Buttercream frosting tastes better anyway.

I have every hope that tomorrow’s class will be better.  Our flowers didn’t turn out so cute, because my frosting was so thin, and Jenn’s was super thick.  Better luck next time, right?  I have high hopes.  What’s your best cake decorating tip?


  1. wow, that is really funny! where are you taking this class? Hmmm, in all my experience (which comes from watching cake shows on food network) I would say that you want to make sure that you give enough time for things to be redone, always remember the chocolate flowers along with the frosting ones, don't yell at your assistants, and don't make your cake too heavy/too tall or it will be too difficult to move to the judging table and your cake and all of it's beautiful decorations will dramatically fall to the ground. gasps and tears will follow. tragic.

    also, I agree with you, buttercream frosting is superior to royal icing anyday.

  2. I'm going to learn how to do fondant and we'll see how that goes, but sounds like royal icing is a MESS! I think I'll avoid it at all costs!! Sounds like your having fun though! That's awesome! I want more pics of your cakes you make!


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