Becoming a Cake Decorator

I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as I did.  We were able to watch General Conference which was such a lift.  I always leave with a renewed commitment to live my faith better.

This week I start level two of my cake decorating class.  A little history: For a year and a half, Jenn (Blond in the picture) and I worked together for 4-8 hours a day (depending on the time of year).  In situations like that, you can either become the best of friends or drive each other completely crazy.  Considering we are the same person, we happened to become the best of friends.  I graduated and got a big kid job, so this summer, mostly so we could keep hanging out, we signed up for a cake decorating class, and our life was forever changed.  This Wednesday we start level two, and I’m pumped.  I’ll be sure to share the cake decorating tips we learn, so you can join in the fun, too!

A tip from level one: Laminate a 3x5 card, and use the straight edge to flatten the frosting.  Works SO WELL.

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