Becoming All Ready for Christmas

Carly Pendleton took some pictures for us last weekend for our Christmas card!

These are the ones she put on her blog.  I'll show you more when I see them!
A true laugh includes eyes squinted, a bunny nose, and seeing all my gums (As demonstrated here). I'm not sure what he said, but apparently it was funny!

Which one should I use?


  1. I love the first one. It's the best view of your faces.

  2. First one great:)! Second to last one's background is beautiful!

  3. I like fourth and last one the best...I also really like that you are doing christmas cards...I better get one :P

  4. I vote laughing bunny nose one!~

  5. I really like the first and the last. The second to last has the best background though.


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