Becoming Ready for Halloween

There are some people who love Halloween.  They plan their costumes months in advance, and their entire family is dressed in a theme.  They sew their own costumes, and they take pride in their great work.  I am not one of those people.  I am beyond jealous of these people, but I am not one of those people.  I stress about my Halloween costume the month leading up to it and then end up throwing something together at the last minute.  Freshman year, I was a Hawaiian girl, thanks to some Hawaiian girls on my floor.  Sophomore year, I was a Latin girl, thanks to my Latin roommate.  Junior year, Landon Paul and I were painters, because we found onesies and paintbrushes at a thrift store.  Last year, we we ran out of time and didn't dress up at all.  This year, we're a best friend charm. 
We wore it last night to a Halloween party that my Church threw for the neighborhood.  Landon Paul and I were asked to decorate, which was fun.  250 people came!  Things got so busy that I didn't take any pics once the party started, but it was great!
LOTS of kids came.  We did mummy wrap games, a costume parade, and a trunk or treat.  It was fun to see them all so excited...
and hopped up on sugar.
Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

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