Becoming Someone, you rock.  She just awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award, because we're tight like that.  The rules:
-Thank the person who gave you the award
-Share 7 facts about yourself
-Award 7 new bloggers with the award (and comment/tweet them so they know that they've won!) 

7 Facts:

1. I first met Landon Paul when I was 16 at EFY.  We didn't hang out at all, but we ran into each other in college and ba-da-ding. It's almost our three year wedding anniversary.
2. I pass out when I don't get enough salt.  (It happens a lot).  It's usually not a big deal, except when I fell during a choir recording my sophomore year. I landed flat on my face and needed 8 stitches and a root canal. Classic. 
3. Eyes completely gross me out. Kids in elementary school used to flip their eyelids and such cause they knew it bugged me. I get queezy just thinking about it. I can't watch Landon put his contacts in either-gross.
4. I'm hard of smelling, no joke.   9 times out of 10 if someone says, "Do you smell that?" The answer is no. I don't know what it is, but I really don't mind. Most the time people smell something it's bad, so I consider it quite the blessing!
5. I love beating guys at sports. It makes me sick when guys say they can beat me in a foot race, or actually anything, just because I'm a girl. I race them and would rather collapse afterward than lose.
6. My hair was straight once. I have pictures of smooth, sleek hair as a child. Those days are long gone.
7. I was born in California and live in Utah, but I'm an Idaho girl!

7 Bloggers awarded with a Stylish Blogger Award are:

1. Kristin
2. Adrienne
3. Chantel 
4. Danielle
5. Audrey
6. Andrea
7.  Kelsey

Happy blogging!  Random, I know there are lots of reasons why people blog.  Why do you blog, and why do you read blogs?


  1. i blog because it's like our family journal. and i read others because i like to see what's going on in other peoples life and to get new your amazing ceaser pasta recipe!! so good!!

  2. Hey Idaho girl!! I think you are amazing and I will see you tomorrow. Here is a fact about you. Your mom thinks you rock.

  3. Ooo cool! Thanks Julie! This is pretty sweet, I love blogging because I print it into a book and it's (like above) our family journal. I want my kids/grandkids to be able to read and see pictures of Kevin and I and see how "cool" we were back in our "prime". :)

  4. I blog because I like to record my thoughts but mostly for the above reasons, to journal and print for family and personal history. I loved reading the fun facts about you my dear!


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