Becoming a Reader: Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Book 1
This book gets a lot of hype and for good reason! I was hooked and am completely freaking out until the second one becomes available at the library. (There are 5 people ahead of me on the waiting list)! I'm really into stories of survival, wondering how the character will handle things and wondering how I would handle the same situation.  There are some political undertones that made the whole story very interesting.  The way the Capitol keeps order and power and forces the peoples' reliance on them was brilliant.  By the way, what's with the Capitol's citizens?  Do they really find the Hunger Games amusing?  I could see some sickos in charge enjoying it, but everyone seems to be amused which is totally messed up.  I hope we learn more about Cinna in the books that follow.  He seems like a genuine friend, but I can't figure out why.  He volunteered to help her district?  I hope we learn more about him later.

Katniss is a fascinating character.  She's a survivor who pretty much doesn't understand any emotion besides protection and loyalty.  The way she sacrificed for her sister Prim, then Rue, and then Peeta was just beautiful.  What did you think of the book?  Who do you think she loves, or has she been through too much that she could never really love?  At Book Club this Friday we're supposed to bring book ideas that we'd like to read throughout the year.  I would like to read some classics and more thought-provoking books, autobiographies, etc.  The club is full of intelligent women, and I want to read something that would be fun to discuss with them.  Any suggestions? 

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  1. I really enjoyed the book too. I think she really loves Gale, though she doesn't realize it as love yet. It's obvious to me that she doesn't really love Peeta by the way she talks about him and their relationships, though maybe in time she can come to love him. I think he does love her, which sucks for him. I do think the book ends at a weird place, and doesn't really lead me into the next, or really set up where the rest of books are leading, which is perhaps some of the lure of keeping in the series.


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