Becoming Someone with Favorites: Dream Family Rm

So we live in an apartment, not even our first home, so planning our dream home is probably jumping the gun a little a lot...but it's really fun :).  It's especially fun pulling pieces from celebrity houses and movie houses, because these homes cost a bajillion...but it's really fun :).  
Halley Berry-living room
I love the exposed brick and calming vibe in Halle Berry's house...
It's Complicated-living room
and every single thing about this room in the It's Complicated house...
and am obsessed with the built-ins and crown molding in the Father of the Bride house!

What do you think?  P.S. All pics are from Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness! The house from Father of the Bride is my dream home too! It's just so classy and well put together without looking too cluttered. Glad I have a fellow FOB fan to follow. :)


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