Becoming Gluten-Free: PSA

Hostess Powdered Donuts 1 pkgThe hardest thing about being gluten-free is being in social situations and having to pass on good food.  I think everyone thinks I'm a health nut or on a diet, because I always let the donuts pass me by.  I'm not at all!  I just get sick within 10 minutes if I eat gluten.  I'm also so not offended if people eat it in front of me!  I'm losing the craving for it, because I look at things and think, "Yup, that'll make me sick, too."  It makes it easy!  Anyhoo, have a GREAT WEEKEND!  I'm going to spend Saturday trying some new gluten-free recipes.  Thanks for all the blogs/sites/advice you've given!  I use them everyday so a big THANK YOU!!!

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