Becoming Someone with Favorites: Songs

I'm going to a white elephant music exchange today!  Everyone is supposed to bring a CD of 
their favorite songs, we'll play white elephant, and get a new CD.  Cool, right?  Here's the list I came up with.  What songs would you put on YOUR CD?

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"-Marvin Gaye 
I Will Always Love You     -Memories of singing/yelling this on basketball team road trips
"Amazing Grace"-LeAnn Rimes
     -I LOVE this song-my future daughter's middle name will so be Grace
"Blue"-LeAnn Rimes
     -Her voice is amazing
"Bring On the Rain"-Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw 
     -Love the way she sings it
"The Dance"-Garth Brooks 
     -Who doesn't love this song?
"Eternal Flame"-Bangles 
All The Way...A Decade of Song     -Classic
"Everyday"-High School Musical 
     -Don't judge.  I may have an obsession.
"Hey Juliet"-LMNT 
     -High school memories, driving in the car, screaming this at the top of our lungs, epic
"I Could Not Ask for More"-Edwin McCain
     -Simply beautiful
"I Told You So"-Carrie Underwood & Randy Travis
     -Carrie + Randy=MAGIC
"I Will Always Love You"-Whitney Houston 
     -I listened to this song every single day in the 7th grade.  Whitney has skills.
"Love Story"-Taylor Swift 
The Ultimate Hits     -It was hard to pick, but this is probably my fave of hers.
"Making Memories of Us"-Keith Urban 
     -Landon Paul's song to me
"Me & You"-Kenny Chesney
     -Our song
"The Prayer"-Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli
     -I used to listen to this on my way to take a test.  It did the trick.
"Red High Heels"-Kellie Pickler
     -Sad break-up songs are so....sad.  This is much better.
"Thank You For This Moment"-Oliver James
     -Tell me you've seen What a Girl Wants
"Unanswered Prayers"-Garth Brooks
"You Get Me"-Michelle Branch
    -You know what's cute?  When I told Landon Paul I was going to do this, he was able to guess ALL the songs I put on here AND the ones I had thought about putting on but decided against.  I said I was predictable.  He said he knows me.  It's true.
"You Take Me the Way I Am"-Ingrid Michaelson
If there had been more room on the CD, I would have also added:

"So Long, Farewell" from Sound of Music-My first solo was when I was 7 or something at the Civic Center.  I sang, "The sun has gone to bed and so must I," pretended to fall asleep, and was carried off the stage.  I was terrified, but it was my first big solo, and I'll never forget it.

In the 7th grade, I sang "On My Own" from Les Mis at my middle school talent show.  It might have been the scariest moment of my life, but it got me over my singing fears, and I'll never forget it.


  1. What a cool idea! And that's freaking awesome that you sang those songs on stage - they're good ones!

  2. That sounds like such a fun idea! I hope you got a CD with some songs that you like.

  3. Love your taste in music! Love it!

  4. One: "Everyday" from High School Musical is SUPERB. I love it too!
    Two: I love "You Get Me" by Michelle Branch. I actually first heard it on your blog. Thank you!

  5. What a fun idea. I love this. You have chosen some wonderful songs too. I might need to host one of these parties at my place -- I need some new music.



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