Becoming a Cook: Dinner Disasters of) My best dinner disasters:

We were newly married.  I had no idea how to cook.  I got a can of cream of chicken soup and found a recipe on the back that looked tasty enough to try.  It was a chicken casserole.  (Sounds easy enough, right?)  I put the mixture all together.  Then it said to "Add chicken."  How was I supposed to know I should season, cook, and then shred the chicken???  So I put the mixture in an 8.5x11 pan and dropped the frozen chicken breast (Defrosted at least) on top and put it in the oven.  I couldn't figure out why it wasn't cooked after the 30 minutes it asked for.  So I left it in for way longer until it finally wasn't pink.  Then we dug in, and I couldn't understand why it tasted so awful.  I figured I had bought the wrong chicken.  (The kind everyone else always ate had breading on it.  Was there a special breading frozen chicken I was supposed to get?)  Yup, awful.  What's your best dinner disaster?


  1. Hm... let me go through the archives of my dinner disasters... and let me tell you, there are a LOT. One time I made a Mediterranean pasta salad. It called for sliced olives. I don't think I'd ever bought olives before. (This must've been when we were first married, cuz I've bought many olives since then.)
    Anyways, I saw chopped olives and thought, "Oh, those must be it. I definitely don't want whole olives cuz then I'll just have to cut them up." So I bought those. They were not the right olives. Sliced and chopped are very different.
    I used them anyways. The olives took over the ENTIRE pasta. There were just so many little pieces of lives, that's all we could taste. Yup, metallic-y tasting olives. It was gross. I never made it again. Bad memories... :(

  2. I'm pretty sure that has happened to me before too! Hopefully by the time I'm 80 I'll get this cooking thing down. :)

  3. My first experience broiling brought fire alarms and our concerned neighbors with an offer to take us to dinner. It was graduation day, so I served some humble pie with the chicken.


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