Becoming Gluten-Free: Pantry

Our "pantry" (Shelving unit) used to have one shelf for cans, one for snacks, and one for dinner foods.  Now  it is organized by gluten-free and not gluten-free foods
One shelf is of gluten-free dinners, one of gluten-free snacks, and one for gluten-free cans.  The last shelf is of gluten food that Landon Paul is going to work on.  
It's going to make my life so  much easier.


  1. that is pretty crazy to change your whole diet! but your sure doing it with a happy heart and very successfully :) good thing!

  2. That's exactly what our pantry looks like. Jay safe food (milk-free, beef-free, pork-free, lamb-free, nut-free) on one side and then the good stuff on the other. Just kidding... we are all pretty much dairy-free at this point and it's not THAT bad but our pantry is still split. Good luck! It gets easier.

  3. It does look amazingly organized. Makes me want to fix our closet pantry, it is a mess! Is Landon gluten intolerant?

  4. Landon isn't gluten intolerant, so he has a shelf of his gluten food. He does have much less gluten than he used to though, by default.


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