Becoming Organized: Closet

I love organization.  I love the feeling of a cleaning the house and then sitting down with a big sigh knowing there's a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Clutter, on the other hand, seriously stresses me out.  I can feel my blood pressure rise when things are out of place and will work up a sweat making it right.  (I'm nuts, but I'm okay with it).

My closet has everything grouped together by category: Dress pants, jeans, dresses/skirts, shirts, sweaters, and shorts.  (My dresser drawers are organized by pajamas, sweatshirts, etc).  I rotate my tops and dresses/skirts by when I wear them (Once I wear it, it goes to the back of the closet, so things I haven't worn in a while always come to the front.  "Nobody likes an outfit repeater"-name that movie).  Then I have my pants and shoes organized by color.  Speaking of pants, have yous seen this? Hilarious!

I know.  I'm one of THOSE freaks, but I also know I'm not alone.  How do you stay organized?


  1. I'm so glad you linked to that picture. Made. My. Morning.

  2. and this is why you are great at your job ;)


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