Someone Went Home

We went to my hometown of Boise for the weekend to celebrate Mother's Day.  It was so much fun.  While in town, we got to see my sister's jazz choir concert and tennis tournament.  She did fabulous at both.  Then we got to see her off to prom!

So pretty-believe it or not, we picked this dress out without her.  When my parents were in town for graduation, we popped in a dress store to check things out.  I texted her some pictures of our favorites and then she chose this one!  (Thank heavens it fit!)
She messed up her ankle at the tournament, so she got to wear this lovely ankle brace to the dance.


  1. I was in town too! Yay for Meridian! I cannot believe your sister let you just choose it without her-she's a trooper! I think I would have died if someone picked one out for me and I wasn't there. :)

  2. Your sister is adorable and her date is a cutie!

  3. that dress is so beautiful, as well as your sister! glad you had fun girl :)

  4. Yeah for girls in good dresses! I feel like I have seen picture after picture of good girls in not good dresses lately! She is pretty! =]


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