Becoming a Cook: Dinner Disasters, these dinner disasters are HILARIOUS!  Here's one from my friend Sara! 

"Poor Tari! I messed up the very first meal I cooked for Ben and I as a married couple! The sad thing is that I screwed up spaghetti! I was trying to complete a homework assignment and I got distracted while the noodles were cooking. My water boiled so long that most of it evaporated and my noodles were so overcooked they fell apart! It was really nasty but Ben ate away with a smile on his face. I also tried to cook Cornish game hens in a crock pot! First of all mini frozen birds are gross! When they were done cooking I was taking them out of the crock pot and I found a bobby pin that fell out of my hair while putting them in! Good thing I wasn't cooking for other people! We ordered pizza that night as well!"

Who else has a good one? 


  1. That picture is hilliarous! Love it. I don't really have many dinner disasters...but as a young married women I could never get the chicken to cook all the way through...I remember crying and getting so upset for the first few years that I cooked...then I just stopped has really helped. :)

  2. I can't think of any dinner disasters to share... but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog and I miss you guys. We really need to get together before we move. :)


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