Becoming a Decorator: Family Room

I was looking at our front room and thought that bookshelf corner looked awkward. It was cramped, busy, and needing to be fixed. So we got a buffet and moved the bookshelf and piano to the spare room.



It feels WAY less cluttered. I love it, and the buffet gives us a ton of storage we didn't have before! Woot. Any redecorating projects going on at your place?


  1. that looks amazing:) we have lots of redecorating going on at our place but I can't start any of them until mid august when we know what we're having.

  2. Love it!! Ah, the feeling of order is hard to beat.

  3. Does un-decorating count? Your family room looks awesome!

  4. I LOVE it. Can't wait to be in town so I can see it in person. :)

  5. I love your buffet. I feel like our house is ALWAYS in progress. Looking good! Seeing this post makes me want to tackle some more projects around our house.


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