Becoming a Dog Owner

I'd like to introduce to the newest member of our family. His name is Copper, and we are so very much in love.

He's a bassett hound/sheltie mix-about 9 pounds now and will grow to be 15 pounds.

And he loves to cuddle. Life is good.


  1. soooooo adorable! you are goin to love having a puppy!! put him in puppy training school! so worth the money to have a good trained puppy!

  2. ahh so cute! lucky little fam!

  3. Oh my goodness, so adorable!! Love the hound/sheltie mix.

    Hope you are having a blast at your new job! I'm sure you're super busy settling into your new apartment, new job and new dog!

    Miss you around BYUB!

  4. I now have a grandpuppy! I haven't ever thought of such a thing! I must say he really is a cute little thing, and I love seeing you and Landon so happy with him. Therefore, I am happy!!!!


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