Dinner Disasters: Megan

http://us.cdn2.123rf.com/168nwm/wollertz/wollertz1104/wollertz110400061/9345520-smiling-young-teenager-isolated-on-a-wite-background-showing-her-olive-fingers.jpgEnjoy this dinner disaster from my friend Megan. What's YOUR best dinner disaster???

Hm... let me go through the archives of my dinner disasters... and let me tell you, there are a LOT. One time I made a Mediterranean pasta salad. It called for sliced olives. I don't think I'd ever bought olives before. (This must've been when we were first married, cuz I've bought many olives since then.)

Anyways, I saw chopped olives and thought, "Oh, those must be it. I definitely don't want whole olives cuz then I'll just have to cut them up." So I bought those. They were not the right olives. Sliced and chopped are very different.

I used them anyways. The olives took over the ENTIRE pasta. There were just so many little pieces of lives, that's all we could taste. Yup, metallic-y tasting olives. It was gross. I never made it again. Bad memories... :(


  1. Baha! And to top it off... Trevor told me that wasn't even the worst one. Hahaha.

  2. I wonder if fresh olives taste metallicky. I've only had canned. Has anyone had fresh olives? ...are there such thing as fresh olives?


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