Becoming a Decorator

So remember when I said we were moving? We have been hauling, organizing, and decorating every night, and now I gotta show you the new digs! Here's the family room:

We love being here! Great apartment, great neighborhood, and ridiculously close to our jobs. Woot!


  1. I love your room, and I especially love that lamp! great job!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Note to self: Do not let Trevor see this. He SO wants to put up his George Washington picture in our apartment, but I keep saying no. {I like the picture. Don't get me wrong. I just prefer it not where he wants to put it! It looks good in your house though :) Haha. He's gonna be so jealous! Your new place looks so good!

  3. Beautiful!!!! Can we come over and play!?


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