Becoming Organized

One of the final projects from our move was organizing the pantry, so Landon Paul and I put our game faces on last night and got 'er done!
Before (Yikes!)

One shelf is for breakfast, one for dinner, and one for snacks.
 The left side has gluten food for Landon, and the right side has gluten-free food for me.

 Labels to keep it together
 Instant breakfast options are in Ziploc bags and together in this basket. (For us, the key to making more space was getting rid of bulky packaging and putting the food in smaller containers). 
 We got rid of the cereal boxes and put all the cereal bags in the brown basket. It saved so much space, and now when we want cereal, we just pull the basket down and can see everything we have!

Then on the bottom, we have sugar, rice, and gluten-free flour! It was definitely worth the work! Now we can actually see what we have which makes eating, cooking, and shopping so much easier! Woot!


  1. this is all sorts of inspiring for me. I need to get my tail back in gear. We totally slacked off this summer and our house is showing it! Way to go, Julie!

  2. Haha, when I saw the title of your post and scrolled down to the first picture I was like "huh, that looks pretty good!" You can totally show up and organize my apartment if your place gets too organized for any more projects. :)

  3. Good job!! You guys are awesome! :)


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