Becoming All Ready for Christmas

After Thanksgiving, I want to start a special Christmas traditions series featuring YOU. I hope it'll get us all in the Christmas spirit and give us some new ideas of ways to celebrate. So...what are your favorite Christmas/prepping for Christmas traditions? Comment below or e-mail me at: A few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Do you look at Christmas lights? 
  • Go sledding? 
  • Visit Santa? 
  • What do you do on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day? 
  • Any special recipes you want to share? 
  • Special decor you made?
I can't wait to hear!


  1. On Christmas eve in Andy's family they always get together with another family and eat homemade huevos rancheros. THE best I've ever had! We then do our own production of the nativity and chat until Santa comes. In my family, we have party with the extended family eating yummy food, do our nativity production then we get Christmas jammies! I always looked forward to new jammies every year.

  2. We make holiday trains out of Grahm Crackers and icing and decorate them with candy and small Christmas decorations and then give it to a family. We also do a HUGE white elephant gift exchange Christmas Eve and look at lights. We don't give Christmas Presents to each other, instead, we pick a family and get them Christmas presents or do Toys for Tots. We are going to start doing Humanitarian Aid things Christmas Morning as well...just so we remember that Christmas is about GIVING and not receiving.


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