Becoming a Decorator

Have you noticed how many truly ugly baby things there are out there? Just because I want to be a mom doesn't mean I want to carry around a multi-colored diaper bag, ya know? Thankfully, pinterest is helping me steer clear of all things uggo. Don't get me wrong, these nurseries are way out of the budget, but a girl can dream and gather color palette inspiration, right?
I am lovin on these neutral schemes. The way I see it, if a baby is going to be screaming at 3am, the room you walk into should be relaxing, right? This via RH Baby & Child


  1. One suggestion when you have your little one is to stay far away from light fabrics! I hate buying light colored clothes and bedding for my kids. If they have an accident or spill something, it is so hard to get the stain out! Especially with lighter fabrics but the nursery ideas are beautiful! You are a good DIY'er I am sure you can do something similar to the photos without spending too much!

  2. I think a good rocking chair/glider is a wonderful investment. You want to be cozy when you are comforting your child in the middle of the night for long stretches of time.

    Also, may I recommend a mobile that lights up and plays music for several minutes that doesn't require winding up. They may not be neutral colored, but they work miracles.

    And when it comes times to buy diapers, wipes, and other baby items, you seriously need to use AmazonMom. It saves us a crazy amount of money. Best prices on diapers. Period.

  3. The images here kind of look like LDS Temple Celestial rooms. The chandeliers are a nice touch.


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