Becoming Christmassy Challenge: 10

Ebelskivers (Eh-bull-skee-burrs) were a Christmas tradition in my mom's house growing up. They're like a pancake in a ball. It doesn't sound delicious, but it really really is. Landon Paul made them with this gluten-free recipe from Bread, Love, & Chocolate. (His dinners always seem to turn out better than mine, just an observation). We dipped them in powdered sugar and strawberries, and let me tell you, mmm-mm good! Have you had ebelskivers?

AND we ate them while watching Home Alone. That movie never gets old.


  1. Oh gosh, those look so tasty! Are they pretty dense?

  2. I wouldn't say dense, but they're very filling!

  3. Yum! We ate those ALL THE TIME! Ahhh I miss them a ton now!


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