Becoming Christmassy Challenge: 18

There's something so magical about Christmas lights. I love turning the house lights down and the decorative lights up each night. This weekend Landon Paul and I decided to have a a Christmas sleepover (Watch Elf and fall asleep under the twinkling Christmas tree). I thought it sounded pretty perfect, but unfortunately, execution was amiss.

1. I fell asleep during the movie, so Landon Paul turned it off halfway through.
2. Our air mattress has a leak in it, so in the wee hours of the morning, I found myself struggling to stay afloat as Landon Paul cozied up below in the middle.
3. I finally quit and moved to the couch but couldn't fall asleep with the blasted Christmas tree lights on, so I turned them off.

Major fail but fun in concept. We'll try watching Elf again tonight, cause it's my favorite.

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