Guest Post: Becoming Christmassy by Becoming a Baker, by Andrea: 23

Andrea and I have been best friends since we were FOUR YEARS OLD. She was awesome enough to guest post on how she's becoming Christmassy and show us her sweet baking skills. Thanks, girl!

I love to bake and what better excuse than Christmas? I love having an excuse to bake all the time, and believe me I've been milking it for everything it's worth. 

Here is just small sampling of a few of the baking projects I've taken on over the last little while. 

J Biebs cake for the sister. 

A...swirly cake? for the other sister. Happy 14th! 

Delicious chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. 

Some tasty chocolate peppermint cupcakes topped with candy cane kisses (favorite!)

And finally we spent a whole day in the kitchen making these delectable plates complete with mini chocolate-kiss peanut butter cookies, mini chocolate peppermint jr. mint topped cupcakes, and chocolate walnut fudge. We have some lucky neighbors.  

Hope you're having as much fun this holiday season as we are! Merry Christmas! 

...hope this works! love ya girl! 

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  1. We were some of those lucky neighbors. Thank you Andrea and Ovard family!!!


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