Becoming Christmassy Challenge: 2

I'm not a crazy. I swear, but...
this is my fourth batch of Christmas cards.

First I made these letterpress Christmas cards, and I loved them, but they didn't match our pictures, so I gave them away on the blog.

Then I got a code for 10 free Shutterfly cards...and then I got a code for 7 free My Publisher cards...

and then I got a free letterpress customized printing plate, so it's really not my fault. I just had to make them, too.

 But I'm saving these guys for next year, I swear.
I used silver and red ink, and I'll glue a wallet size picture on the front. I heart letterpress!


  1. i loooove that silver and red letterpress. with my whole heart! haha

  2. Just to even things out....I have no Christmas cards yet. ;D


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