Becoming a Two-Car Family

It's the end of an era. For the past 4 years, we have had one car. We've carpooled to work and ran all errands together, but we finally gave in and got a truck. We now have two cars and a whole new set of options. Big day, people. Big day.

P.S. I've never filled the car up with gas in our 4 years of marriage. (I'm very spoiled). I guess that might have to change now. Weird.


  1. No way. This is huge! I have been thinking along the same lines lately, but Scott is very keen on staying a one-car family until the end of time. Enjoy!

  2. Wow--I'm impressed you've lasted that long! We've been really spoiled. We planned on being a one-car family, but a couple weeks after we got married, Andrew's car died, so we bought my grandparents car to replace it when they left on a mission. Andrew's car miraculously started working again (after 2 tows and 2 befuddled mechanics!) a few weeks later, and when we tried to sell it, no one was interested. And now, I'm sure we'd have a hard time going back to just one! Anyway, ENJOY your new independent lifestyle!

  3. That is a big deal - we moved out to the country and sometimes one car is a royal pain (only for convenience purposes) but I am holding out as long as we can. I seriously don't want to pay a car payment and I don't want to pay more for gas and I like running all our errands together and commuting together. You know, since we like each other and all :)


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