Becoming Someone's Wife

Four years ago today, I became Landon Paul's wife. Best decision of my life.

Here's a summary of our years together, by the numbers:
  • 13: number of jobs we've had 
  • 10: number of companies we've worked for 
  • 4: number of apartments we've lived in
  • 4: number of cities we've lived in
  • 4: number of blogs we've had
  • 2: number of degrees we've earned
  • 1: number of pets
and some flashback pictures, of course:


  1. Hey Julie! Congrats on the 4 years! Wow, that is crazy how long it's been time flies huh? It was just yesterday when we were running around on the soccer field together! I found your blog awhile ago on FB- I check it every now and again! I recently started a clean eating/healthy living blog:, isn't blogging fun? I just wanted to stop by and say hi, I know its been a long time!!

  2. Happy 4th Anniversary! I'm so happy that you two have taken this trip to California. I know how much you love Disneyland!!! I hope you have had a wonderful time... you deserve it! LOVE YOU.

  3. I vividly remember the day you guys got married! We came to your reception and we were engaged so it was fun to come and get excited!! Also, Landon's sister punched Matt in the stomach. :) Happy Anniversary you two!


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