Becoming Graceful

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A few days ago I went grocery shopping while Landon Paul was at work. Upon my return, I decided I would carry all the groceries into the house in one trip. I was doing just fine until I went down the stairs to our apartment.

Apparently they were icy. Guess I should have checked.

While walking down the icy steps and carrying way too many groceries, I started fumbling for my keys and talking to Copper. Next thing I know, I'm falling down the stairs, and groceries are sprawled all over the snowy mess. On the bright side, Copper seemed to have enjoyed the show.

Surprisingly, none of my clothes ripped. Just three eggs, one tomato, and my fragile skin were injured in the fiasco. Technically, I was able to carry all the groceries in myself, so, depending on your scale, we could call the whole thing a success.

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