Becoming a Jam Maker

The other day our grocery store was having a crazy sale on strawberries, and everyone around us was grabbing some saying they would make strawberry jam with it. In a moment of insanity, I heard myself say, "Let's get some and make strawberry jam." Next thing I know we're driving away with a crazy amount of strawberries, and I'm thinking, "Um, I've never made strawberry jam and neither has Landon Paul."

Well, that's what FHE is for, right? On Monday, Landon Paul and I made strawberry jam! I know! Crazy! Especially since I don't like jam lol, but Landon Paul loves it and will be set for a while.
We just used the instructions on the back of our Sure Jell Pectin, and it was easy! No joke! It didn't take long, and it honestly wasn't hard. The only ingredients are strawberries, sugar, and pectin. That's my kind of recipe. Now we have a bunch in the freezer, Landon Paul is a happy man, and we tried something new. Life is good.


  1. I'm sure he'll enjoy having it around. we've yet to make any because we will use it up way to quickly!

  2. We've been thinking about making jam with the blackberries that are near our house. I'm glad its that easy!


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