Becoming a Reader

I just finished The Happiest Baby on the Block and really liked it. I should mention- I'm not treating any of these baby books like The Bible. I just figure if the baby is crying at 2am and one of these ideas works, it's worth my time. Anyway, it basically said I should hold my baby as much as possible, especially in the first three months. I was like - um, yes, this book understands me. Landon Paul reminded me that he's going to want to hold the baby all the time, too. I guess we'll have to share :)


  1. It is good to hold them and bond with them but it is also good to let them have tummy time on the floor. The more floor time the easier it will be for them to learn how to roll over and crawl. Kaidyn was held all the time and I think it slowed down his development. Instead of wanting to learn how to roll over and crawl Kaidyn just wanted to cuddle :) I enjoyed the cuddling but it did not help Kaidyn in the long run! However I did have some pretty nice biceps as he got bigger! So excited for you to be a mom!

  2. We used the techniques that the Happiest Baby on the block talks about and it helped so much in the beginning and we slowly broke Kenneth of the swaddling and now he sleeps like a champ at night. I totally agree with Sara, letting them have some tummy is great for them developmentally but yes holding them is so much fun!


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