Becoming a Chaperone

Last weekend we were chaperones at Youth Conference. Here's how it went down:

The Good:
- Shooting
- Obstacle course - I can army crawl like it's nobody's business.
- Knowing almost all of the songs being played at the youth dance
- Bustin moves like I was 14 again. I have no shame.
- Wearing the same shirt as one of the youth (It made me feel cool, but I'm sure she'll never wear it again)

The Bad:
- Bruises from army crawlin' like it's nobody's business

The Ugly:
- Trying to sleep - Little girls giggle, and I was a tired human. 
- Trying to sleep - It was crazy hot, and my sleeping bag was so I stole a fleece blanket from one of the girls. She wasn't using it, I swear, and I finally went to sleep. :)

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