Becoming Country

This weekend felt like summer. We took Copper for a walk, had Cafe Rio, went to the Chris Cagle concert, and saw some fireworks. Perfection.

We got the concert tickets a few months ago. It was close to the baby's due date, but we figured if the baby came early, we could give them away, and if the baby wasn't here yet, we could use a distraction. Well, we definitely needed the distraction, and I'm so glad we went. It was super casual. The mountains were right behind behind the stage, and we just sat on a blanket to watch the show. Not to mention, Chris Cagle was GREAT! I love summer.


  1. Add to your list...this is a super cute picture of you.

  2. Agreed you look super cute:) Of course you guys are such a great couple and I'm so glad you enjoyed the concert, fireworks and I won't lie I envy you big time on the cafe rio it's been over a year...a downfall of oregon. No cafe rio and no costa vida. My mouth is watering...


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