Becoming Betty: Tips’m not a cook.  Don’t judge me.  Compared to my single days when I had Bagel Bites or a Totino’s pizza every night, (and LOVED it), I've made great improvements.  My mom was always such a healthy cook that when I got married, I knew I wanted my family to have healthy, homemade meals, too, and so it began.

Here’s what I’ve learned through trial and error (CLEARLY I’m a Novice):

  • Never cook ANYTHING that has tator tots as a key ingredient. (Tator casserole is straight up NASTY)
  • Drain the grease after you brown your beef, or it will taste ALL WRONG.
  • Cook chicken and beef early and freeze it, so when you’re cooking, it’s easy to put it all together.
  • Crock pots are sent from heaven above.
  • Husbands love a home-cooked meal.
  • Sticky v. minute rice in a recipe are so important.  I much prefer sticky, but some recipes call for minute, and if you don’t use it, it’ll be crunchy.
  • Take a break.  Once a week, usually Friday night, is either frozen pizza or eat out night.  I always look forward to it.
  • Don’t half the recipe.  There are only two of us, but Landon Paul has an appetite, and halfing the recipe means there just isn’t enough.  Not to mention, sometimes, and only sometimes, there are leftovers, and that means there’s less to cook later!
  • When Cream of Chicken is on sale, buy in bulk!
  • Read recipes carefully, or else you’ll put in lemon juice instead of lemonade concentrate-YUCK!
  • Plan your meals in advance each week.  Then you know what ingredients go get at the store, and you're not stuck wondering my three least favorite words, "What's for dinner?"
What tips do you have for a Betty in training?  PS I'm totally voting for Roberto.  Their chemistry just can't be beat!

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  1. Also...At times, Betty is NOT your home girl...


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