Becoming a Family History Pro: Scrapbooking

So I was recently informed that, in some circles, scrapbooking is considered family history work!  Since I've never been any good at family history work but have always loved scrapbooking-I consider this a victory! 
 I have also been trying out my new cricket!  It's great.  It makes my pages look SO MUCH BETTER! 
I like the cricket lettering so much I'm going through pages I've made before and adding cricket lettering.  This summer page just got a cricket makeover. 

Random: Does anyone have any favorite scrapbooking websites or blogs?  I love looking at others peoples' stuff to get ideas!


  1. um. Hello scrapbooking friend! :) I like your new blog mucho! and cute pages. Let's get together sometime for a crop!

  2. have you ever heard of a blurb book? it's where you can print your blog and do it all online. my sister is helping me with it right now, and i think you would love it,....maybe....


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