Becoming a Family History Pro: Grandma Suzie

Growing up I never lived very close to my grandparents, but I always felt we were close despite the distance.  In the last few months, I've really tried to get to know my grandmas and have been able to have a good conversation with each of them.  Talking with my Grandma Suzie was a blast.  She told me about her and grandpa's courtship.  They were high school sweethearts, and she said how excited she was when he would pull up in his cool car.  (He interrupted and told me what a lame car it was, but she insisted that he looked great in it).  She remembered the giddy feeling so vividly after all of their years of marriage.  It was so sweet. 

She also told me about her mother who I knew very little about.  My great-grandmother was a modern woman.  She was the only mom my grandma knew that worked, and she loved it.  Grandma said that she should have been born later, because she would have been marching for women's rights and equality.

Apparently, years ago, great-grandma found a house that she completely fell in love with and that they could afford.  When they went to the bank, their offer was denied because my great-grandma's salary "didn't count."  Apparently only the husbands' salary made a difference in those days, and grandpa's salary alone didn't allow them to qualify for the house.  Grandma was furious and devastated.  They bought another, instead, but I was so surprised.  I had no idea it used to be that way.

How well do you know your grandparents?  I'm realizing I don't know mine as well as I'd like to, and I'm loving learning more about them.  Visit them and listen.  You'll be amazed at how similar you are and how much you will learn.

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