Becoming a Reader: Such a Fan 
Abigail & John is a FABULOUS book.  I am a huge fan of American history and politics.  Landon Paul loves it so much he majored in it, and we talk about it almost daily, but this book is so unique to the thousands of others out there.  It talks about the wife.  Did you know that John and Abigail were apart for almost 10 years?  For 4.5 years they didn’t see each other at all.  The other 5.5 he would stop by for a weekend when he could, but he was either overseas negotiating treaties or out of state trying to create a new government.  John was brilliant.  Abigail was strong.  For a year she didn’t hear from her husband at all.  She took care of the farm, the bills, the children while educating herself.  She had more responsibilities than almost any other woman at the time.  She was a devout Protestant and lived her faith.  I have so much respect for this woman.  John missed her entire pregnancy and wasn’t there during the labor or when she found out it was a still birth.  He wasn’t there when her mother died.  Yet, when they were reunited, they picked up right where they left off.  She doesn’t seem to have been angry with him either.  She was a revolutionary and always said that she was sacrificing for her country and for the freedom she hoped future generations would enjoy.  She worked to allow women’s rights in the new America.  She wanted women to be educated and have a marriage like they had that was full of respect and love-sounds like that was rare in those days.  John listened to her opinions and trusted her with all of their responsibilities including financials while he was away.  I absolutely recommend this book.  I can’t put it down I love it so much.  My first book club meeting is Thursday.  Woot woot!

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