Becoming Someone: Life...Unplugged

In our efforts to become someone, Landon Paul and I decided to do something radical, something crazy, something completely unheard of: No internet and no television.  As a Gen Yer, it's hard to comprehend a world without these beloveds, but guess what-we're surviving.  We've officially been without for three months now.  We decided it would help us get outside and do things, and it's working.  Here's the review:
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-Saving money
-Spending more time together
-Spending more time doing productive things

-We're discovering how many "online errands" there are (Paying bills, insurance forms, etc).  Running to the library every time is royally annoying, but the pros have outweighed the cons here.
-No online TV.  I LOVE two shows: LOST and The Bachelorette.  We didn't see the last season of LOST because of this sobatical, but we it's the first thing we'll do when we get internet again.  Second, my favorite guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, is on right now.  I had a tough decision to make.  To resolve the issue, I go to my bestie's Andrea's house and watch it.  This way we can catch up AND enjoy our favorite and not have TV/internet at home.
-Blogging: I can't do it at home which is a pain, but obviously, I'm still getting it done.

This fall we'll have to return to internet as Landon Paul will be enjoying his last year of school, but I'm definitely going to keep my distance.  Considering I'm online all day at work, having little computer-free time at home has been great.
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  1. Gaaa! You went to that!!? I'm totally jealous right now! Awesomeness...i may be retarded, but I can't get your pics to show up!


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