Becoming Buff: Tips
I’m not a personal trainer, but I’ve been working out since the beginning of time...well, my time, and here’s what I know.

-Figure out WHY you exercise.  Losing weight isn’t a reason why.  I workout, because I never want to miss out on something because I’m not fit.  I don’t want to lag behind on a hike.  I don’t want to miss out on an activity because I’m out of shape, so I exercise.
-For the last five minutes of your workout, repeat in your head, "I can do ANYTHING for five minutes."  The last five minutes of a workout are the hardest (Especially when running).  You’ll want to quit, but instead, tell yourself over and over that you can do it.  It really helps.  (This is also helpful in really boring meetings or classes!)
-Set a goal.  Right now, my goal is to bulk up.  I want to get muscle back...I really want some buff arms.
-Visualize yourself having achieved that goal.  For me, I want to look like Kate from LOST.  The girl is lean and strong (And has fabulous hair).  Whenever I think I can’t do another rep, I think of Kate’s arms, and I keep going.  If it’s weight you want to lose, visualize trying on clothes at the store and having them fit.  It works.
-Think about this.  A lot of people say it doesn’t matter if you exercise, because you’ll die anyway.  It’s true.  Exercise may not help you live longer (Or...IT MIGHT!), but it will definitely help you live an ACTIVE life longer.  If I last till I’m 100, I want to be moving until the bitter end.  That means I have to workout today.

What keeps you exercising?  I love new ideas!

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