Becoming Someone: Deep Thoughts

When are you not a newlywed anymore?  I've been told:
Kissing Bride And Groom Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
-"When you have kids."
-"When your spouse doesn't leave the bathroom when you are going..." (We did that on our honeymoon, so that's bad news for us!)
-"When you start making fun of each others' family...she made fun of my mother at 6 months!" (That's just funny!)
-"As long as you're googly-eyed for each other, you're newlyweds.  It doesn't matter the actual years."

What say you?  I find this hilarious!


  1. Clay!! Aahahahahahahahahahaha. That is one of my favorite quotes from the quote wall!!

    P.S. I just found out about this blog of yours! Love it!!

  2. I love this blog Julie!! Seriously, I love all of your posts.

    Reading Jenn's comment caused me to go and re-read the quote wall. I miss y'all so much!

  3. Haha Rob and I found out we were pregnant after 5 weeks! haha But we plan on being newly weds forever... as long as your still dating each other I don't see why not! haha

  4. I think it is a mentality. Seriously, think about it. What is the stereotype of a newly-wed? They're in the "honey moon" mode and everything is peachy keen, despite "reality". I think that true reality can include honey moon mode. I mean, who wants to be pessimistic all of the time? How depressing! (And for the record, I don't agree that having kids suddenly makes you "old" in marriage!)


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