Becoming Fashion Forward: Ms. Moore & Ms. Gilmore

I've never been a fashionista, but as a graduated girl, I've been trying to look all professional-like, and I'm just getting confused.  I was recently informed that today’s styles are “Whatever you think you can pull off.” What does that even mean?  Looking around, it seems I have a different idea of what can be pulled off and what can’t.  
Wax Michelle Obama
The things I understand: 

Skinny jeans
Fatty belts and long necklaces that make normal clothes look dressed up.
Ruffly shirt under a party cardi-LOVE
Vintages swimsuits-heck yes

V-Neck t-shirts
All things Michelle Obama-Don’t get political, the girl can dress.
(Here we have the perfect combination of classy dress, big belt, pearls, and cardigan.  Well done.  (This is her wax museum pic, but still). 
First Lady dresses in general
Dresses in general

Long necklaces
Flannel shirts
Pencil skirts

Long summer dresses
All things that make you look like a classy lady and not a trampy tweenager

The things I don’t understand: 

Oversized, shapeless clothes-They aren’t flattering no matter how cool you are.

The happy couple: Ali and Roberto appeared on The Bachelorette: 
After the Final RosePleats-No matter how thin you are, these are not okay!
Clothes that don't match
Mixing brown with black
Flats-They're in, and I appreciate the comfort, but a good pair of heels look amazing with almost anything.
Dresses that look like nighties...not to name names, but Ali???

I'm also getting vibes that today's styles are "Choose your own adventure/decade?"  Some girls are working the 80's rocker chick, others frumpy hippie look, but me? 

I'm feeling 70's businesswoman-Mary Tyler Moore style.  

Which includes anything Lorelai Gilmore (In the later seasons)!

Jackie Kennedy

And Jackie Kennedy

What say you?  What's cool?  What's not?  What's making your crazy?  What are you loving? 

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  1. lately i've been rocking spit up on my shirt! Im a mess and need help as well! I need to update my look! Im too afraid to try new trends ;) but I do like the Gilmore Girls look!


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