Becoming Someone: Manic Monday

For some reason I could not get the song, “Manic Monday” out of my head yesterday.  I haven’t heard this song in forever...I should have taken the hint.  I had a meeting with a partner company of ours at 9AM, and Landon Paul’s class started at 8.  My sister happens to live a block from where we were going to have the meeting, so I planned to hang at her place for an hour till the meeting started.  Sounds simple enough, but...

On the way to her apartment, our windshield got foggy, so we turned the defrost on.  For no apparent reason, a bad-smelling smoke started filling our car.  We opened the windows and turned off the defrost, but the smoke continued!  Landon Paul started driving by looking out the driver window, because no matter how hard we tried to wipe the window down (and not breathe), it kept getting foggy!

So we survived and got to my sister’s apartment at 7:45 AM.  I walked up and became a little unsure of which apartment was hers.  (I’ve only been there once).  I called to double check but no answer.  She had told me earlier that she would probably be out running, so I should just walk in and wait for her in the front room.

I did just that: Walked in, sat on the couch, made myself comfortable, and opened my computer to do a little pre-work work.  Just then, a girl in a robe poked her head out from behind the bedroom door.  Knowing this might look odd, I just said, “Hi, I’m Janelle’s sister, Julie.  She’s on a run, but I’m supposed to wait for her here till she gets back.  What’s your name?”  She said her name but continued to look at me awkwardly.  I knew we hadn’t met, but I felt the extended-stay staring was a little unnecessary.  Then she said, “Janelle doesn’t live here.  She’s in the apartment right above us.”

I was obviously MORTIFIED and very ungracefully ran out of the apartment gasping my embarrassed apologies in between.  I’m eternally grateful she didn’t come out with a bat or call her 500-pound boyfriend over to take care of the crazy in their apartment!  Talk about a manic Monday!  And it was only 8 AM!

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